Tuesday, December 13, 2016

It's HOME DAY!!!!!!!!

I'm so excited! I'm so excited!! 
I got to come home to my forever home today!!! 

Tess & Ryan, my new human parents, picked me up at about 7:00 from my foster mom's house!! They had to talk to Pam for awhile and sign a bunch of papers and stuff and when they were done I gave Pam a hug goodbye and Tess put my leash on me and we left!

You should have seen me struttin my stuff on my new leash, Tess kept saying how cute I was and that she was so excited to bring me home. She was even so excited that she didn't even stop to take pictures, so today you just get to read about my day!!

I got to go for a truck ride, all the way to my new home! I kinda cried a little bit, when we first left, cause I was sad to leave Pam and her dogs......they became my new friends real fast!

But then I got excited! There was so much to see! Have you ever looked out the window of a moving truck?? There are lights and other cars and people and big loud trucks and trains and other dogs and..........oh man! It was exciting!

Tess kept telling me what a good boy I was, so I guess she didn't mind my little puppy paw prints all over her windows. I couldn't stop myself from jumping up and watching the world go by!

It was a pretty long drive and I needed to cuddle so I sat in my new daddy's lap most of the way, looking out the window and giving him kisses. I sure do like truck rides!!

When we got home, I got to meet my 2 new friends, Naula and Zoey. I don't think they like me as much as Tess & Ryan do though, they ran away and hid from me. I might have chased them a little bit....but I only wanted to play!

Tess showed me my new bed and gave me some new toys and a couple bones......she is sure spoiling me already! 

They also keep calling me Deacon! So I guess that's gonna stay my name! I sure like it, so I am glad! Even my collar has my name on it!

It wasn't long before I was passed out in my new bed, having sweet puppy dreams and feeling loved. I am so happy to be home......I love Tess & Ryan so much! And I can tell how much they love me too.

I feel like the luckiest puppy in the whole world...


Sunday, December 11, 2016

Tess came back!

Tess came back to see me today and she brought a lady with her too! Her name is Aunty Aimee and it was so fun meeting her! I smothered her in kisses and tried to nibble her face off......but she was so patient with me and spoiled me with affection. 

These people are all so nice and are becoming familiar to me now, I can't wait until I am part of their family! OH! Guess what?! Tess said that I can go home with them on Tuesday, after Ryan gets home and comes to meet Pam! They have to sign all my paperwork and stuff and then it will be official!

Tess told me she went shopping and bought me a whole bunch of cool stuff for when I come home. Bones and toys and treats and even my own bed! I don't even live there yet and I am already so spoiled! Check it out!

Oh! And before Tess left today, she called Ryan again on that FaceTime thing and I got to talk to him again. Mostly I just licked his face but he got to see me!

2 more sleeps and I will be in my forever home...
I am SOOOOO excited!


Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Tess came to visit me!!

On Sunday, after Tess and Loni and the boys left, I was moved to a foster home, where there were other dogs for me to play with. Sasha didn't want me to get lonely at her place, so I got to meet my Foster Mom, Pam! She is soooooooo nice to me and she has two big huge dogs I get to play with too! I even have my own room at her house, full of toys!!

Pam and Tess have been in touch since Sunday when I moved here and Pam sent her a picture of me all settled in...

...and tonight, Tess came back to see me again! I was so excited to see her I smothered her in kisses and jumped up on her. I even got so excited I was nibbling on her face! Ooops! I hope that scare her away and she comes back to see me more!

We had so much fun playing and she even called Ryan again on that Facetime thing so I could lick his face on her phone! She told me that they want to adopt me and that they are having someone from the rescue come to see their house and talk to her! I'm gonna keep my paws crossed, that I get to go home to their house soon and call them my forever human parents!

We played for about half an hour and then I was kinda tuckered out, so we cuddled for awhile too and she petted me til I fell asleep.

Once I was sleeping peacefully, Tess pet me for a little while longer and then tried to sneak out. I think I was dreaming about their house, but I can't remember!

She tried to be super sneaky and leave the room without waking me up, but I totally heard her and followed her all the way to the door. Pam let me out of the baby gate and I walked Tess right to the door and before she left she scooped me up again for another cuddle and I gave her more kisses. I sure do like her. I can't wait to go home with her one of these times!

Please pick Tess to be my forever human mom and Ryan to be my forever human dad Zoe's!!


Sunday, December 4, 2016

I met them!!!

Today was one of my most favorite days!! I got to meet Tess and a lady named Loni, I think she's one of Tess' best friends, and two little boys named Aiden & Kipp! They were all so nice and I sure hope I get to see them again soon!

When they got here, I was kinda distracted, cause my sister was getting picked up by her new human family. I had to play with her a little more before she left and give her some kisses! I sure miss my brothers and sisters!

But Tess and Loni and those little boys sure helped distract me quickly! I had so much fun playing and running around and getting cuddles from all of them! Tess and Loni and Sasha sure talked lots and Tess kept asking lots of questions! I think maybe she likes me too! She gives really good cuddles! 

Here I am giving Loni lots of Kisses! As soon as Tess pulled out the camera I had to stop and pose for her...

Aiden and Kipp were so fun to play with! They have the best giggles and give me such cozy snuggles, I sure hope I get to be part of this family! I know I am going to be loved......and spoiled rotten! HEHE!

It was kinda cold outside so we spent sometime playing in the shop too. I have a heat lamp in there and a big fluffy bed! The boys were playing with me with one of my toys while Tess was trying to call Ryan, her husband, so she could introduce us that way, at least. (She said he was working up north somewhere, and wouldn't be home for a week!)

Finally at lunch time, she got Ryan on Facetime and I got to meet him too! He didn't really say much to me and it was sure noisy where he was, but he looked really nice too! I was so tired after we hung up and the boys could tell. Tess sat down on my bed with me and was petting me, and Aiden, the older boy started to sing me a lull-a-bye!

"Twinkle, Twinkle little star..." I think it was called...his voice was so sweet and soothing I couldn't help but drift off to sleep! I had my head rested on his lap and Tess just kept petting me.....I felt like the luckiest puppy in the whole world!!

Before they left, I remember hearing them talk about my food...and cats...I was half asleep and the boys covered me with a blanket and gave me kisses. Tess said she had to leave, or could stay here with me all day...I think she likes me!

I remember hearing Sasha tell Tess that they would call her.......to visit her.........and drifted off to sleep...

I sure hope I have found my forever family!!!

Meet Deacon


My name is Deacon and I am a Collie/Shepard/Rottie cross breed, born on October 6th, 2016! 

My mama, siblings and I were all rescued by Zoe's Animal Rescue Society here in Edmonton, Alberta.

Mama has already been adopted, along with almost all of my siblings.....my last sister is being picked up by her new human family today!
Aren't we sweet? And my mama is just gorgeous!! ♥

But don't be sad for me, I know I will find my forever home soon too! And maybe REALLY soon!! There is a lady coming to meet me today and I am so excited! She is bringing her two little nephews with her too and I can't wait to meet all of them! I love kids!

I hope that she falls in love with me and I get to go home with her soon...how can she resist this smile?!

Check back with me after I meet Tess! I have to go and get ready for their arrival now!

***Photo credit to Zoe's Animal Rescue Society for this intro post