Sunday, December 11, 2016

Tess came back!

Tess came back to see me today and she brought a lady with her too! Her name is Aunty Aimee and it was so fun meeting her! I smothered her in kisses and tried to nibble her face off......but she was so patient with me and spoiled me with affection. 

These people are all so nice and are becoming familiar to me now, I can't wait until I am part of their family! OH! Guess what?! Tess said that I can go home with them on Tuesday, after Ryan gets home and comes to meet Pam! They have to sign all my paperwork and stuff and then it will be official!

Tess told me she went shopping and bought me a whole bunch of cool stuff for when I come home. Bones and toys and treats and even my own bed! I don't even live there yet and I am already so spoiled! Check it out!

Oh! And before Tess left today, she called Ryan again on that FaceTime thing and I got to talk to him again. Mostly I just licked his face but he got to see me!

2 more sleeps and I will be in my forever home...
I am SOOOOO excited!


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