Tuesday, December 13, 2016

It's HOME DAY!!!!!!!!

I'm so excited! I'm so excited!! 
I got to come home to my forever home today!!! 

Tess & Ryan, my new human parents, picked me up at about 7:00 from my foster mom's house!! They had to talk to Pam for awhile and sign a bunch of papers and stuff and when they were done I gave Pam a hug goodbye and Tess put my leash on me and we left!

You should have seen me struttin my stuff on my new leash, Tess kept saying how cute I was and that she was so excited to bring me home. She was even so excited that she didn't even stop to take pictures, so today you just get to read about my day!!

I got to go for a truck ride, all the way to my new home! I kinda cried a little bit, when we first left, cause I was sad to leave Pam and her dogs......they became my new friends real fast!

But then I got excited! There was so much to see! Have you ever looked out the window of a moving truck?? There are lights and other cars and people and big loud trucks and trains and other dogs and..........oh man! It was exciting!

Tess kept telling me what a good boy I was, so I guess she didn't mind my little puppy paw prints all over her windows. I couldn't stop myself from jumping up and watching the world go by!

It was a pretty long drive and I needed to cuddle so I sat in my new daddy's lap most of the way, looking out the window and giving him kisses. I sure do like truck rides!!

When we got home, I got to meet my 2 new friends, Naula and Zoey. I don't think they like me as much as Tess & Ryan do though, they ran away and hid from me. I might have chased them a little bit....but I only wanted to play!

Tess showed me my new bed and gave me some new toys and a couple bones......she is sure spoiling me already! 

They also keep calling me Deacon! So I guess that's gonna stay my name! I sure like it, so I am glad! Even my collar has my name on it!

It wasn't long before I was passed out in my new bed, having sweet puppy dreams and feeling loved. I am so happy to be home......I love Tess & Ryan so much! And I can tell how much they love me too.

I feel like the luckiest puppy in the whole world...


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