Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Tess came to visit me!!

On Sunday, after Tess and Loni and the boys left, I was moved to a foster home, where there were other dogs for me to play with. Sasha didn't want me to get lonely at her place, so I got to meet my Foster Mom, Pam! She is soooooooo nice to me and she has two big huge dogs I get to play with too! I even have my own room at her house, full of toys!!

Pam and Tess have been in touch since Sunday when I moved here and Pam sent her a picture of me all settled in...

...and tonight, Tess came back to see me again! I was so excited to see her I smothered her in kisses and jumped up on her. I even got so excited I was nibbling on her face! Ooops! I hope that scare her away and she comes back to see me more!

We had so much fun playing and she even called Ryan again on that Facetime thing so I could lick his face on her phone! She told me that they want to adopt me and that they are having someone from the rescue come to see their house and talk to her! I'm gonna keep my paws crossed, that I get to go home to their house soon and call them my forever human parents!

We played for about half an hour and then I was kinda tuckered out, so we cuddled for awhile too and she petted me til I fell asleep.

Once I was sleeping peacefully, Tess pet me for a little while longer and then tried to sneak out. I think I was dreaming about their house, but I can't remember!

She tried to be super sneaky and leave the room without waking me up, but I totally heard her and followed her all the way to the door. Pam let me out of the baby gate and I walked Tess right to the door and before she left she scooped me up again for another cuddle and I gave her more kisses. I sure do like her. I can't wait to go home with her one of these times!

Please pick Tess to be my forever human mom and Ryan to be my forever human dad Zoe's!!


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